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What is Global Access Callback (GACB) ?

International Callback has become the newest technology to help foreign companies and individuals drastically reduce their cost for international calling. Since its recent introduction, telecommunications companies in the US are scrambling to meet the overwhelming demand this new technology has created. International calling costs are reduced, because instead of routing the calls through the local phone companies in foreign countries, the callback system routes the calls through the networks in place in the US, where the rates are much lower. This is the concept behind International Callback. This reduction in costs for international calling allows companies to be more competitive in the international market place. It also allows individuals to stay more in contact with friends and family members. 

Primus Telegroup's callback service enables you to access the lowest international rates by dialing a US-based telephone number, letting the phone ring once and then hanging up. You will then receive a callback from Primus Telegroup's switch that allows  you to dial your destination telephone number. The call is then routed over Primus Telegroup's extensive global network. This service can be used used on any touch tone phone. Our mobile rates are amongst the lowest you will find anywhere and to sign up online for service is simple and gives you access to the service within 24-48hrs.

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  - Unique add-on service for all types of phones. Works with 
    all touch tone phones including mobile phones.
  - No sign up fees, no monthly fees or minimum usage 
    requirements whatsoever !
  - Free monthly detailed specification for all calls made !
  - Up to 80% savings on international calls !
  - Service available from ANY country in the world !
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How Callback Works - Instructions for Using GACB

Callback is easy as A B C 

Here is how it works:

You will be assigned a personal U.S access number to our switch i the U.S which you then call each time to activate the callback service. To call this phone number is completely free of charge, as it is not an answered call. From your phone, you dial a U.S. access number (DID) linked to the phone number you are calling from. You must dial the normal international prefix (which varies from country to country) before dialing the DID. 
Example from Sweden: 00-1-515-6875078

A) When you call your personal U.S access number (DID) you will hear ringing signals. 
      After one ring, hang up (end the call).
B) These signals activate Telegroup switch computer in the U.S. which recognizes the number 
     and calls you back to the mobile phone immediately.
C) When you answer the call to your phone, you will hear the Global Access dial tone and
      you can then call anywhere within your country, to other mobile phones, or international 
      numbers with our low 24hrs a day rates. You always begin with the country code for the 
      number you wish to call, even if it is within the same country you are in. Example, For calls 
      to the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, dial 1+area code+number. For calls to other 
      countries, dial country code+area code +number. For example to call Affinity Telecoms 
      Swedish office it would be: 46-8581-74002.

To simplify to calling procedure you can easily program your U.S access number (DID) on your phones memory/speed dial function.

As you have seen, the procedure itself is simple. Dial a regular US telephone number, that has been provided by us, using your normal dialing procedures. Once you hear the ringing sound of the phone, hang up. You are not charged for this portion of the call. Within seconds, the system will call you back. When you answer the call, you will get a dial tone for you to place your call. You then dial the number you are calling and wait for the party to answer. After finishing your call, you simply hang up, or press a button on your phone to place another call.

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More Global Access Callback  details

Callback Summary Points

Callback works from any touch tone phone (including mobiles) in any country  where incoming 
    calls to phones are free. (Most countries in the world, except the US & Canada)

Callback is available to businesses, residents and temporary visitors of any country.

Once a month, you will be sent an invoice with complete call detail of all the calls you have
   made through this add-on service. Many PTTs do not have this feature.

5-digit account codes are available at no extra charge. 

All rates are in US dollars. Actual billing time is 30/06. You will be billed for the first 30 
   seconds and then in increments of 6 seconds. All countries global access callback rates 
   are flat rated 24 hours a day. 

No charge for unanswered or busy signal calls.

In certain countries you will save on domestic calls as well, especially calling mobile to mobile 
   or mobile to regular telephones.

You may cancel your service at any time - no questions asked, if not satisfied !

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Frequently asked questions about Callback

Q I have never heard of callback before, is it really legal ?
A: Yes, in fact Telegroup's callback services has brought about a healthy competition in many telecom markets around the world, which has forced many national mobile phone service providers to lower their often outrageous calling rates. Callback is simply the result of innovative telecommunications developments. Telegroup's uses modern switching technology to route calls in a way that gives the customer the best possible rates. Callback has been available for over 10 years and usually saves the customer in any Country about 30-80 % on their national and overseas calls. Continued deregulation in international telecommunications has further enabled Telegroup to establish carrier agreements around the world to allow you to access the lowest cost lines.

Q Are there any monthly fees or minimums ?.
A: No, there are no monthly charges, sign-up fees or minimum required.

Q:How soon will my account be activated after I send in the application ?
A: Usually it only takes 24 hrs. After submitting your application online, you will receive a welcome e-mail which includes your U.S telephone Access Number(DID). In most cases, your account will be approved and activated online while you wait.

Q: I have been activated and I've received the Callback access number to call in the US, called a DID, how do I use the system to make calls?
Step 1.
Dial your assigned access number(DID) taking into account that the access number (DID) is located in the USA, so you have to dial as if calling the USA from your country

Example: if your DID is 1-515-687-0400, then you should dial: 00-1-515-687-0400
(If 00 is the code that you dial for international calls)

Step 2.
Once you have dialed your DID, let it ring only ONCE and then hang up. You don't pay for this call.

Step 3.
After a few seconds you will receive a call to the return destination number you indicated in your application from Affinity Telecom opening a line for you to call, and you will hear a constant tone
that indicates that you may dial the number you wish to call.

Step 4.
Then you dial the desired destination by following these guidelines: If you call internationally you should dial Country code +city code + number e.g. if you are calling Paris you should dial:
33+ 1+ xxx-xxxx. If you are calling to the USA, then you should dial 1 + area code + number, e.g. if you are calling  Affinity Telecom USA, you should dial:  1 + 909 + 795 + 3195

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Q:Can I make more than one call without dialing the access number (DID) again ?
A: Yes, If you want to make another call, then press the ## button twice and when you hear the  tone you can dial again as indicated. When you are finished just hang up.

Q:Do I need special equipment to use Callback services?
A: No. You just dial the access number ( DID) from the touch tone phone you designated in your application.. From that point on, all calls are automated.

Q: Do calling rates differ depending on the time of day?
A:No. Callback has the same low rates 24 hours a day, seven day a week.
Rates are based in US dollars per minute.

Q: How can I change my Callback number?
A: You can change the callback number by contacting our customer service. providing the following information: your customer number, your access number ( DID ) and the new return destination number (including the country and city codes).

Q:Do you charge for incomplete calls or calls that receive busy signals?
A: No. Telegroup charges for completed calls only. There is no charge if the destination number is busy or there is no answer.

Q: Can I raise/increase my credit limit?
A: Yes. After establishing a good faith credit history, you may e-mail us your request for additional credit by contacting customer service and specifying your customer number, your access number, your old credit limit and your new credit limit.

Q: Are there additional monthly fees or extra charges for the ReturnCall service?
A:No. We bill for usage only, there are no fees, minimum or extra charges.

Q: How are my calls paid for?
A: Usage is charged every four weeks to the credit card submitted at the time of activation. We accept MasterCard/Eurocard, VISA, Discover and American Express.

Q: Am I charged for the calls to my U.S access number DID ?
A: No, since the call is not answered, it is not charged.

Q:Is my rate based on full minutes
A: No, Actual billing time is 30/06. You will be billed for the first 30 seconds and then in increments of 6 seconds. In most countries rates are flat rated 24 hours a day. Complete call detail with every invoice. but only for completed calls. There are no charges for incomplete calls or calls that are busy. In addition there are no monthly charges or minimums.

Q:How can I get a specific rate?
A: Visit the rate calculator specifying the country of origin and destination of your calls.

Q:Do I have to change my existing long distance carrier to use the Callback service
A: No, the use of Callback does not affect your existing carriers in any way.

Q:Can I use Callback  with other phones then my regular home/office phone?
A: Yes, it might even save you money because it is an incoming call and in many countries you don’t have to pay for the incoming call. You can use this service from your mobile/cellular phone as well to save money on national and international calls.

Q:How many access numbers (DIDs) can I request?
A: As many as you need for the phone numbers that you have. For example for your work number, your personal home phone and your childrens mobile phones can all be put on one single 
account or you can have them all separetly if requested. Note: In a few countries additional access numbers requested will have a monthly minimum usage limit of 15 US$. However the first mobile phone line is always without any monthly minimun usage requirements. 

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 The following information relates to the legality of International Callback fromthe perspective of the Unites States Federal Communications Commission:


 The Commission has adopted an Order on Reconsideration confirming that international "call back" service using uncompleted call signaling violates neither U.S. nor international law. It said that call-back is in the public interest because the resulting competition between U.S. call-back providers and foreign carriers charging higher rates ultimately lowers foreign rates to the benefit of consumers and industry abroad and in the United States. The Commission added, however, that U.S. based call-back operators may not provide call-back using uncompleted call signaling in foreign countries where this offering is expressly prohibited by law. "Call-back" offerings enable customers abroad to access U.S. international service and pay U.S. rates for international calls rather than the generally higher prices charged by foreign carriers. One means of accessing U.S. international lines from a foreign country is by "uncompleted call signaling."
This method allows a foreign customer to access U.S. long distance lines by placing a signaling call to a computerized device in the United States. The customer hangs up before the call is completed and thereafter receives a return call from the device which provides U.S. dial-tone. The call is then billed at U.S. rates.

 After the Commission, on April 12, 1994, authorized three U.S. companies to resell international switched services in this manner, AT&T requested reconsideration on the grounds that call-back using uncompleted call signaling violated the federal wire fraud statute and Sections 201, 202 and 214 of the Communications Act. The Commission subsequently expanded the proceeding to address questions of international law and comity which had been presented by a number of foreign governments and carriers. The Departments of Justice and State submitted views, at FCC request, on the wire fraud and international  issues respectively. The Commission concurred with the Department of Justice opinion that the use of uncompleted call signaling is not wire fraud because U.S. carriers do not charge for such calls, and further confirmed that the practice does not violate the Communications Act. The Commission also concluded that call-back using uncompleted call signaling does not violate international law. It agreed with the Department of State that call-back is not prohibited or otherwise restricted by  International Telecommunications Union (ITU) regulations. The FCC noted, however, that some foreign countries have prohibited this offering within their territories. It reaffirmed its view, as a matter of international comity, that U.S. call-back operators are not authorized to provide uncompleted call signaling in those countries whose laws explicitly prohibit this offering. Accordingly, theCommission stated that it would take enforcement action against U.S.
 call-back providers which violate such a foreign prohibition when the foreigngovernment itself has been unable to ensure compliance. It also will use itsenforcement authority to identify and sanction those resellers, including
 call-back providers, which are operating without proper FCC authorizations.

The Department of State will communicate the FCC findings to foreign
 governments. Any foreign government which has expressly adopted a statute or regulation finding international call-back using uncompleted call signaling to be unlawful, and which has been unable to enforce its domestic law or regulation against U.S. providers of this offering, may so notify the U.S. Government. Notifications should include specific documentation of legal restrictions on international call-back, evidence of violations by particular U.S.arriers, and a description of enforcement measures. In addition, any foreigngovernment which seeks to put U.S. carriers on notice that international call-back utilizing uncompleted call signaling is illegal in its territory also mayconvey to the Commission documentation of its specific statutory or regulatory measure. The Commission will maintain a file of all such communications for reference and appropriate action.

 The FCC order does not address the legality of call-back methods other than uncompleted call signaling, since they were not the subject of AT&T's request  for reconsideration. The order notes, however, that several foreign carriers commented that the "hot line" (or "polling") method of providing call-back causes network degradation. The Commission emphasized that such uses of the network which degrade network performance or impair service offerings would violate the tariffs of U.S. facilities-based carriers, and that these carriersdo take measures to stop such practices.

 Action by the Commission June 13, 1995, by Order (FCC 95-224).
 Chairman Hundt, Commissioners Quello, Barrett, Ness and Chong. - FCC -

On June 15, 1995, the Federal Communications Commission issued an order which confirmed that call-back service using uncompleted call signaling violates neither U.S. domestic nor international law (10 FCC Rcd 9540 (1995). The order provided, however, that U.S. call-back providers are not authorized to provide service to customers in countries which expressly have declared the service to be illegal. To facilitate U.S. carrier compliance with thisprovision, the Commission stated that it would be prepared to receive documentation from any government which seeks to put U.S. carriers onnotice that call-back service using uncompleted call signaling has beendeclared expressly illegal in its territory.

The International Bureau maintains a public information file for suchsubmissions. This public file is designated as "International Call-Back: Foreign Law," and is located in the International Bureau's public reference room, at 2000 M Street, N.W., Room 102, Washington, D.C. 20554. The public fileand list of countries are for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the public file does not constitute Commission judgment on the issue of whether a submission by a foreign government would be valid evidence of illegality in a Commission proceeding. The public file contains information on the legal status of call-back service for the following countries:China, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Netherlands Antilles, Peru, SaudiArabia, Uruguay, Venezuela.Copies of the information may be obtained from the Commission's contractor for public service records duplication: ITS, Inc. 2100 M Street, N.W., Suite140, Washington, D.C. 20037, (202) 857-3800

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