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Spectra Prefix (5-7 digit direct dial service) Access by a prefix before the phone number you call.

Available in Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, France, USA, Sweden and Switzerland

Spectra Pre-select (PIC) Please change my carrier to Primus so I do not need to dial prefix .

Available in Netherlands, Denmark, France, USA, Sweden Switzerland

Global Access Direct (freephone or local number access) service giving you flexibility to call from home & payphones.

Available in: Canada, Chile, Brazil, Bahamas, Denmark, Dominican Rep., France, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, USA, Venezuela

Global Access Callback (from landline or mobile phone).

Available from ALL countries around the globe.

PRIMUS PASSPORT -Global Calling Card (Access from 45 countries)

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CREDIT CARD - I wish to pay automatically by credit card each month. This is the MANDATORY method of payment when ordering PRIMUS PASSPORT calling card only.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The card used must be linked to the billing address you have written above and with the same name as the applicant, otherwise the order will be rejected. Fraud attempts will be reported.

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Check/Wire/Giro- I wish to be billed an invoice to the address entered at the top of the page (You may then pay the invoice by check/wire/giro*) (Credit history check may be performed) Note:the Check/Wire/Giro option is only available in: Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and USA.

Direct Bank Debit - I wish to have my account automatically debited after receiving my monthly invoice. (Autodebit is only available in Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and USA

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Authorization & Letter of Agency (LOA)

Customer hereby requests international long distance service(s) from Primus Telegroup. If this service order is granted and either credit card or Check/wire/giro is the payment method, Customer authorizes Primus Telegroup to either charge the above listed credit card number for all charges attributable to the services ordered or send an invoice for payment within 30 days. If credit card billing is selected, the undersigned understands that the same terms and conditions normally governing the use of the credit card apply to this use as well. Customer authorizes Primus Telegroup to perform credit checks and to investigate the bank references and other credit or financial information or references submitted to Primus Telegroup, where permitted. The undersigned represents that he/she has authority to request international telephone service(s) for the Customer, and that the Customer understands rates are subject to change.



Authorization codes (pin-codes etc) and access numbers will be emailed to you shortly.

A confirmation and instruction letter will also be sent via regular mail.

  If you do not want to send your information via internet please print this page, sign and fax to the office nearest you:

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