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    Are you tired of high phone service bills ?
  - Look at Primus  international phone service rate plans. . .

Primus Spectra calling phone service plans are excellent choices for both the domestic and international caller. All our Spectra international rates are often considered "too good to be true". With a state-to-state rate of 4.9¢ (S-969,W-1010) these plans will decrease your expenses on both domestic and international calls.

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What is Primus  Long Distance Phone Service
Benefits of using Spectra Long Distance Service
Difference between NO-PIC (Dial-around) & PIC





Affinity is a global agent for Telegroup, a divsion Primus Telecommunications Group Inc.,

Spectra is the name for Primus direct dialing phone service for US domestic and international calls. It uses an intelligent global fiber optic network and is designed to give the customer speed, ease of use and crystal clear connections. You can save between 20- 85% compared to your local long distance carrier both on inter & intra-state calls, and international calls. The spectra services are simply accessed by either using a 7 digit prefix (dial around) before the number you wish to call or as pre-selection (PIC), which means that you select Primus as your primary long distnce carrier. Once this has taken place you simply pick up your phone and dial the destination number, no dial around prefix codes are necessary. 

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Affinity is a global agent for Telegroup, a divsion Primus Telecommunications Group Inc.,

Some of the benefits when using PRIMUS PHONE SERVICE 

Flat rates: all rates the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 
No sign up fees or minimum usage requirements!
Fully itemized billing of all calls (domestic & international).
Carrier change not required if you choose (NO-PIC) dial around.
No term contracts required - Cancel anytime if not satisfied.
Available to Business or Residential customers!
Continental USA Interstate Rate as low as $0.045 per minute! (S-969)
Instate rates for toll free service available upon request.
Flexible payment options: Pay by check/wire or credit card!
Save $2 per month when you choose E-pay (online billing)!
Rates effective October, 2003.

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