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Global Access (GA)-800 is the implementation of our new generation of switching technology. The unique service allows business or residential customers in other countries to receive international calls from the USA with no charge to the calling party. GA-800 is a US and Canadian toll free number with overseas termination. An excellent way for foreign businesses to get access to the North American market without opening up an expensive office in the US! Telegroup's Global Access 800 allows overseas businesses to have their US and Canadian customers or employees call them toll free. Global Access 800 provides a business presence to over 300 million people. 
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International GA-800 Rates
To calculate the per min. cost for termination in a Country of your choice Select the Country you want your GA-800 number to terminate in. This will be your actual cost per min.
The rates listed above are for originating toll free 800 service from the USA, and terminating them to other countries.

-Rates effective May 17, 2000.

E-mail us for rates from Canada.


*$20 monthly fee per 800 number.
*No charge for unanswered calls!
*Service available worldwide!
*All rates are per minute and in US$ 
*No V.A.T. Taxes if billed outside US!
*Credit Card Debit required!
*No change in current long distance carrier necessary!
Be in the USA!
The US toll free number may terminate in any Country!

  No US Office Required! 
  Now anyone in the USA and Canada can dial a toll-free (freephone) number and reach you in your country.

Use this service to:

1. Increase your sales in the USA & Canada.
2. Provide global customer or technical support.
3. Make it easy and simple for your son/daughter studying in North America to call home.
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Telegroup Intelligent Global Network

Calls can be received from the U.S. and Canada to your overseas location. We provide you with an 800 number(s) to call in the U.S. and Canada that you can publish. When your customer or salesperson dials the 800 number in the U.S, our switch routes the call to the overseas location and you are billed for the 800 calls. If the call originated in Canada, it is rated as if it were a GA CallBack call from the customer's country to Canada plus $.15 per minute.

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Affinity Telecom is a global authorized agent for Telegroup, a division of Primus Telecommunications

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